Dog Rescued From Tar Pit

31 dec 2020
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  • I’m glad your feeling well enough to make the video!

    Malomati TVMalomati TV3 månader sedan
    • 482

      ѕɛяıɛƙɛlʑ『匕山匕』ѕɛяıɛƙɛlʑ『匕山匕』14 dagar sedan
    • foff

      zJojizJojiMånad sedan
    • You're*

      Lamar DavisLamar DavisMånad sedan
    • @idk a name for this shut up

      Emilio MasintonEmilio MasintonMånad sedan

      idk a name for thisidk a name for thisMånad sedan
  • 0:33

    martin sampayo-perezmartin sampayo-perez4 timmar sedan
  • That dog was in thailand

    Brandon The CatBrandon The Cat4 timmar sedan
  • can someone explained to me what happened in the second clip?

    dragivfxdragivfx4 timmar sedan
  • Poor dog

    Hagiu RaresHagiu Rares4 timmar sedan
  • lol lol lol!

    TheGamer32TheGamer3211 timmar sedan
  • 1:06 That dog looks like he is on Meth, Cocaine and SCP 420-J

    Gaster I guessGaster I guess21 timme sedan
  • You already know I’m Thailand 🇹🇭 right .>.

    WK3(20) PitchayakronWK3(20) Pitchayakron22 timmar sedan
  • Venom dog

    Perry PlatypusPerry Platypus22 timmar sedan
  • 0:17 we are venom

    PurplePurpleDag sedan
  • The dog looked more happy in the tar compared to being out of it.

    Crystal's Random BullshitCrystal's Random BullshitDag sedan
  • 0:47 my gta lobbies

    Brandon_Gaming ;-;Brandon_Gaming ;-;Dag sedan
  • This man is your number one fan 1:28

    Mr.Frog571Mr.Frog571Dag sedan
  • Wow, the cali plane town is awesome.

    New GuyNew GuyDag sedan
  • The dog was trying to become fossil.

    Radek KvapilRadek KvapilDag sedan
  • 0:42 tell me you’re rich, without telling me you’re rich

    Caleb BCaleb BDag sedan

    ShanShanDag sedan
  • Why does he look so happy in the tar?

    AlexDoesRandomStuffAlexDoesRandomStuff2 dagar sedan
  • You must love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. You must love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus the anointed is Lord! Repent and be baptized and believe the Gospel.

    Richard RussellRichard Russell2 dagar sedan
  • Poor Doggo

    TheBlueIncineroarTheBlueIncineroar2 dagar sedan
  • lol

    Mech Force 1Mech Force 12 dagar sedan
  • why does dogs pretend everything is okay while they're stuck on something ?!

    Gold RukitoGold Rukito2 dagar sedan
  • poor doggo, he didn't deserve that. i hope he can still hear..

    BerdehBerdeh2 dagar sedan
  • I love how the dog still looks happy even tho he is stuck

    Jay ThraxJay Thrax2 dagar sedan
  • i think That the Dog is EVIL

    A Wrinkle In Time PhotographyA Wrinkle In Time Photography2 dagar sedan
  • I was once dunked into a river full of moon jellies and because I was freaking out so much, I kept kicking and hitting them and I got stung all over. Oh and also I was allergic to them, so it hurt like hell and I looked like a tomato for days afterwards. So no, they're not really harmless.

    Just meJust me2 dagar sedan
  • The dog looks pretty happy for being trapped 🥶

    B4shfuiB4shfui2 dagar sedan
  • That dog was like help me I’m stuck and he really was stuck

    WolfiePlayzGamesWolfiePlayzGames3 dagar sedan
  • So you can feel the same way as dinosaurs

    Hamburger HamburgerHamburger Hamburger3 dagar sedan
  • 1:39 ANGRY DOGGO

    Alejandro ReyesAlejandro Reyes3 dagar sedan
  • Why did my people became abusive to animal putting them in danger just to get money but I want to know what channel

    Mac From everywhereMac From everywhere3 dagar sedan
  • Idk man dog looked happy there

    No offence, butNo offence, but3 dagar sedan
  • That poor dog at the begging of the vid I’m glad he got out

    Correa1310Correa13103 dagar sedan
    • @Esqx it is. The channel did this for a while

      Routine ev1dentRoutine ev1dent12 timmar sedan
    • @Routine ev1dent its not

      EsqxEsqx12 timmar sedan
    • It's staged.

      Routine ev1dentRoutine ev1dent3 dagar sedan
  • That dog almost became a fossil in a museum 25000 years from now

    Umar AbdullahUmar Abdullah3 dagar sedan
  • That dog just chillen

    King CreatorKing Creator4 dagar sedan
  • LMFAO “The road is really wide so people can drive their planes” DRIVE THEIR PLANES HOLY LOVE OF GOD THAT GOT ME

    Tobias HarrisTobias Harris4 dagar sedan
  • 0:37 My brother showed me’s nostalgia

    Sai Fuddin MansiSai Fuddin Mansi4 dagar sedan
  • YOOOO, I actually worked on one of those houses thats so cool

    DoUEvenChickenDoUEvenChicken4 dagar sedan
  • I can’t watch the puppy one

    Trish CrisanteTrish Crisante4 dagar sedan
    • It's staged mate.

      Routine ev1dentRoutine ev1dent3 dagar sedan
  • Poor puppy

    Trish CrisanteTrish Crisante4 dagar sedan
  • Poor puppy its so cute tho

    Able KittenAble Kitten4 dagar sedan
    • It's staged.

      Routine ev1dentRoutine ev1dent3 dagar sedan
  • Where in California is that airplane neighborhood

    kody cashkody cash4 dagar sedan
  • That dog was just being like This is fine

    the fox trotter 01the fox trotter 015 dagar sedan
  • Guys! What if daily dose of internet is gamers react??

    It's_yo _gurl_AliceIt's_yo _gurl_Alice5 dagar sedan
  • "step bulldozer I am stuck !!" Oh god I am going to hell for imagining this

    MEME DOGMEME DOG5 dagar sedan
  • the streamer is literally doing the start reactor task on a whole nother' level

    BeeSwarmFan 666BeeSwarmFan 6665 dagar sedan
  • Omg those dogs need the Sheet Music Boss versions of the Pokémon battle music.

    Wesley HartleyWesley Hartley5 dagar sedan
  • Woof

    mcdonalcatmcdonalcat5 dagar sedan
  • Poor dog

    adam Bryantadam Bryant5 dagar sedan
    • @Esqx search for any other dog rescue videos on the channel that the video was on. Also, I have many other comments saying the same. Proof it's not fake?

      Routine ev1dentRoutine ev1dent12 timmar sedan
    • @Routine ev1dent any proof

      EsqxEsqx12 timmar sedan
    • @Routine ev1dent how is it staged?

      EsqxEsqx12 timmar sedan
    • It's staged.

      Routine ev1dentRoutine ev1dent3 dagar sedan
  • the dog was abused and put there by his "helpers" to get views and money

    The F.B.IThe F.B.I5 dagar sedan
  • Dog:heheh I’m gonna die now :)

    Jamhyr DieudonneJamhyr Dieudonne6 dagar sedan
  • "Mom, I am going to my friend's house" "Okay, look right and left to see if a plane is coming"

    ɪᴛᴢ_ᴊᴀɴᴇ シɪᴛᴢ_ᴊᴀɴᴇ シ6 dagar sedan
  • If the dog goes back again, hes Re-tarred. See what i did there?

    Jeremy WoodsJeremy Woods6 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else got emotional when the dog was free of the tar? No just me? I'm just a crybaby :'c

    A SheepA Sheep6 dagar sedan
  • Came here because of overlord 2018 , who else watched it?

    Johnnyboy DallaswinstonJohnnyboy Dallaswinston6 dagar sedan

    BeetsbyDwightBeetsbyDwight6 dagar sedan
  • 3:16 he's got a burning idea

    DxG 6767DxG 67676 dagar sedan
  • I love dog

    Skye BeukerSkye Beuker6 dagar sedan
  • Sadly, the first video about the dog is staged... they used that same dog multiple times in rescue videos

    Sten PlayZSten PlayZ6 dagar sedan
  • 0:04

    Lexi and RicoLexi and Rico6 dagar sedan
  • isnt tar hot as f*ck in liquid form? like, 3rd degree burns in seconds type hot???

    Liam GreeneLiam Greene7 dagar sedan
  • NTY

    Ruben HaddockRuben Haddock7 dagar sedan
  • Man literally shoots boba like a shotgun

    SkrewtySkrewty7 dagar sedan
  • “Just look both ways for planes”

    Peterson GomezPeterson Gomez7 dagar sedan
  • 0:30 Boba mini gun?

    Naive DoggoNaive Doggo7 dagar sedan
  • Yes.

    DireKomedyDireKomedy7 dagar sedan
  • Becareful of sharing animal rescue videos. Most of the times they aren't legit and the animals are abused.

    Mehrab KhanMehrab Khan7 dagar sedan
  • 2:28 is that skeppy and Rocco??

    maddiemaddie7 dagar sedan
  • I’m not trying to be mean but, the dog in the thumbnail looked like he was having a great time.

    Gizmo the bunny /A boy bunnyGizmo the bunny /A boy bunny7 dagar sedan
  • I was gunna say why is it not regulated and fenced off and what not then I saw why it’s not a white country

    Callum DohertyCallum Doherty7 dagar sedan
  • Awwww he lived im so happy

    Korekiyo ShingujiKorekiyo Shinguji7 dagar sedan
  • 3:14

    Rosekie GTLRosekie GTL7 dagar sedan
  • Poor dog...

    Nctrnl MjstyNctrnl Mjsty7 dagar sedan
    • The vid is fake mate

      Routine ev1dentRoutine ev1dent3 dagar sedan
  • 1:57 there he is!! the man who stole my good memory!!!

    Lord MiloLord Milo8 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely no one: My dog when i look away for .0000002 seconds:

    EggabowlEggabowl8 dagar sedan
  • WHAT IS THAT NEIGHBORHOOD CALLED???? Edit: It's Cameron Park

    Little MonsterLittle Monster8 dagar sedan
  • This dude never clickbaited

    BEPTyXA_B_yXOBEPTyXA_B_yXO8 dagar sedan
  • That airplane village is the best lol

    War DaddyWar Daddy8 dagar sedan
  • 0:54 thats a drag strip for some people

    Jabari {:Jabari {:8 dagar sedan
  • I’m happy the dog is safe

    Crimson Mortal SlayerCrimson Mortal Slayer8 dagar sedan
    • @Cut a Nut they have been reported by many now. This particular one is from Newsflare

      Artur ZinurovArtur Zinurov7 dagar sedan
    • @Artur Zinurov channel name? I really wanna report it

      Cut a NutCut a Nut7 dagar sedan
    • @Artur Zinurov ye definitely

      Crimson Mortal SlayerCrimson Mortal Slayer8 dagar sedan
    • @Crimson Mortal Slayer what a wonderful world right?

      Artur ZinurovArtur Zinurov8 dagar sedan
    • @Artur Zinurov Damn

      Crimson Mortal SlayerCrimson Mortal Slayer8 dagar sedan
  • He still looked happy

    Dark_Castor164Dark_Castor1648 dagar sedan
  • You gotta put it how it is man Not saying you’re in the wrong but That dog didn’t walk in there on his own He was put in there by the people recording They’ve made several videos of “animal rescue” using literally that exact same dog, just in different, man made circumstances They aren’t saving anything. They’re disgusting people that are exploiting animals for views

    Sam CabreraSam Cabrera8 dagar sedan
  • ngl that neighborhood across the airport is so cool. like you would thought you are cool with your new car. no. bring in the planes

    saturrrnessaturrrnes8 dagar sedan
  • 1:57 imagine if Google turns, recaptcha are you a robot, like that

    Chicken WingChicken Wing8 dagar sedan
  • Dog: I have been stuck.......FOR 30 MINUTES

    Spudmagee 69Spudmagee 698 dagar sedan
  • Why tf is there tar pits on the streets

    Roy HaddadRoy Haddad9 dagar sedan
  • Why does this dog look happy when stuck in tar

    Elite_ Avacado254Elite_ Avacado2549 dagar sedan
    • Dog mouth open =/= dog happy

      MelonCoastersMelonCoasters9 dagar sedan
  • Username: daily dose of internet Daily dose of internet: upload every 5 days

    itzjpixaitzjpixa9 dagar sedan
  • That cat is pretty hot headed

    Bored OldopopBored Oldopop9 dagar sedan
  • 0:33 these sound effects

    Y-does stuffY-does stuff9 dagar sedan
  • okey for being completly stuck thats one happy dog lmao. poor doggy

    Le JanssonLe Jansson9 dagar sedan
    • Dog mouth open =/= happy dog

      MelonCoastersMelonCoasters9 dagar sedan
  • I like how dogs act like nothing wrong but something is really wrong

    The ModestCorporateThe ModestCorporate9 dagar sedan
  • I'm not to sure what the person said before in the first video but I only knew some words, don't know if that was really what they said. "Bok kye lawe" is something like "I told a person already" or "I told you already" "F C" I have no idea what that means, it might be the dogs name? Not to sure. "My dong Ben huang na naka" basically they're saying "There's no need to worry okay?" or something like that. "Me cone dit dan" I can't remember what that means, but I do know that "Me cone" means something like "There's people" The language was Thai btw, if anyone wanted to know.

    Hey Hey HeyHey Hey Hey10 dagar sedan
  • In a California neighborhood, *PLANE GO VROOM*

    Phoenix WestvalleyPhoenix Westvalley10 dagar sedan
  • its a shiba inu! expensive dog!

    Marcus BullockMarcus Bullock10 dagar sedan
  • Oh boy can’t wait to drive my plane down the driveway today

    CenziniCenzini10 dagar sedan
  • Imagine driving a plane down the road

    DemonicKiller63DemonicKiller6310 dagar sedan
  • I used to live near that airplane neighborhood it’s in Cameron park a lot of businessmen and doctors live there

    Aleascia HuestisAleascia Huestis10 dagar sedan
  • The way the dog was laying on that was like if he got thrown in on purpose bc look at his position and at how he is trapped like that, if he actually fell his paws and belly would be the only thing stuck . And also, he was seen in multiple other videos from that channel in very dangerous situations like for exmaple, a snake.... who is that big of a scum bag to do that to that poor animal with no remores just for profit. I just want to throw them face forward into that poudle and make them feel like the dog felt... helpless. Let's just hope something is done and that those people get the karma.

    Coral playz_101Coral playz_10110 dagar sedan
  • The doggo was in the pit like: ay, im just chillin', can ya help?

    Grim BlobGrim Blob10 dagar sedan
    • They put the dog in there

      Astropupz4398Astropupz43988 dagar sedan