Surfer Almost Gets Crushed By Giant Wave

28 dec 2020
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  • I hope u feel better Daily, stay strong

    Trishell ForsytheTrishell Forsythe3 månader sedan
    • You seriously called him daily.. he has a name

      Milo’s UniverseMilo’s Universe3 dagar sedan
    • He should do this more often!

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    • feel better

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    • A pun??

      Mr EatMr EatMånad sedan
    • E

      UnstableddDreamsUnstableddDreams2 månader sedan
  • I hop u r ok

    Derek BartelsDerek Bartels2 timmar sedan
  • 1:28 what im more concerned about is that noise the person made

    father monkefather monke4 timmar sedan
  • That first guy sounded like Lazarbeam.

    Henry JonesHenry Jones5 timmar sedan
  • Pestilly is that you

    Alex KeckAlex Keck8 timmar sedan
  • look in the top right corner when the guys get pulled over. creepey

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  • LAZER BEAM?????

    qt rvxxqt rvxx12 timmar sedan
  • I died when xqc spoke like that 🤩

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  • Yo the first voice sounds like lazarbeam!

    bananabanana17 timmar sedan
  • Eyy collabs with the other youtubers

    HeroicHeroic18 timmar sedan

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  • Lazar

    Hadley WyattHadley Wyatt22 timmar sedan
  • 1:55 : The person in the back be like: 👁 👄 👁

    xyz koolxyz koolDag sedan
  • Get well soon :)

    Dragon gamerDragon gamerDag sedan
  • i hear Lazar beams voice in this video

    Robert Tyrone ReyesRobert Tyrone ReyesDag sedan
  • Laserbeam

    Owen HamiltonOwen HamiltonDag sedan
  • hears corpse - wa- omg yaa 😂 Hears lazarbeam - YAA 😂

    taylortaylorDag sedan

    Adam BradfordAdam BradfordDag sedan
  • Poor daily 1like will make his day PLZ LIKE NOWWWWWWW

    Stacey MillsStacey MillsDag sedan
  • YEEEEEEET (I got hype when I heard lazarbeam 😂)

    Jayden DavisJayden DavisDag sedan
  • I just realized this was on my b-day

    YessirYessirDag sedan
  • Man, that house separation by fear of covid is the saddest thing.

    Paul BlaisePaul BlaiseDag sedan
  • 0:42

    Charlie And FriendsCharlie And FriendsDag sedan
  • I got startled when I heard corpse's voice for a minute 💀😭😂

    SiimplyBriellahSiimplyBriellahDag sedan

    FunnyKermitFunnyKermitDag sedan
  • This has got to be the biggest colab ive ever seen

  • 0:11 Is that Lazarbeam I hear🤩💕

    John-Luis SchwartzJohn-Luis SchwartzDag sedan
  • A yt collab that's technically not a collab

    Zinedine ZethroZinedine ZethroDag sedan
  • 0:03 that seriously freaked me out

    Vibhav ShetgaonkarVibhav ShetgaonkarDag sedan
  • Sorry daily dose of internet but I got a picture of you from your Instagram stream when you acidently flipped the camera

    endy king of chaosendy king of chaosDag sedan
  • Yooooooooo

    NERD TALKNERD TALK2 dagar sedan

    TynadoTynado2 dagar sedan
  • Okay, the only 2 voices I recognized was Lazar and Corpse

    m3llo Pandam3llo Panda2 dagar sedan
  • Use code lazer

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  • Me thinking what it would be like if tommy was in this....

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  • yeet

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  • He got lazarbean to do it yes

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  • Jesus loves you 👍🏼😳👍🏼

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  • daily dose of corpse

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  • There’s lazarbeam

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  • 0:11 lazarbeam!

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  • Hello everyone, this is YOUR daily dose of internet. *☠️H e l l o ☠️ e v e r y b o d y☠️*

    Bareli ZBareli Z3 dagar sedan
  • Swagger souls

    finlay Innesfinlay Innes3 dagar sedan
  • LazarLazar

    knut ånenknut ånen3 dagar sedan
  • Is that lazarbeams voice?

    Fortnite4funFortnite4fun3 dagar sedan
  • Geez corpse

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  • Hi fundy

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  • Could you make more Minecraft playing and more daily of Internet I like your videos

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  • The last voice sound like corpes

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  • All fun and games, but daily dose of internet is just built different

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  • Corpse kind of scared me at the start 😂

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  • I hope you are doing Daily

    Installation 09Installation 094 dagar sedan
  • 0:11 Me: lannan?

    LordioLordio4 dagar sedan
  • No, no i just cant listen to anybody elses Voice in daily dose of internet

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  • i hope you feel bettter :)

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  • Yoooo we got the whole squad lazar beam and corpse this would BE THE DREAM

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  • FUNDEH!!

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  • Fundy and Lazarbeam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • is that corspe husband? Hope you feel better btw

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  • Why did daily dose of internet invites lazarbeam in the First clip

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  • Why deos dialy deos sounds like lazarbeam

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  • I guessed the first three commentators Corpse and Lazarbeam but for Awesamdude all I knew was that they were from the dream smp.

    TerradactylTerradactyl6 dagar sedan
  • Why the voice change?

    boombroboombro6 dagar sedan
  • Corpse ruined it

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  • fundy and curps am i right :3

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  • 3:12 I really really love this voice

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  • 3:12 please get well soon I got scared

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  • Get well soon bro your my No.1 youtuber

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  • The cat sooo cute 0:41

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  • How are you that scares of covid

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  • Damn it corpses

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  • Going from Daily Dose's natural soft light voice to Corpse's deep darker voice was absolutely polarizing.

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  • Wtf

    XxYee2xX 1XxYee2xX 17 dagar sedan
  • The fact I recognize all the voices is hysterical

    llxn_ollxn_o7 dagar sedan
  • At 2:03 is the person talking Fundy? I am not sure.

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  • Omg that was corpse

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  • I recognised lazerbeam and Bdoubleo100

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  • When the little girl gave the priest a high five that was epic

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  • 1:10 definitely not USA!

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  • The calculating literature phenomenologically program because kitty lately replace with a miniature america. royal, berserk flugelhorn

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  • LAzErbeaM

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  • Pepelaugh xqc

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  • Hello laser beam I hope that SEworldr that you are supporting

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  • The guy on the jet ski: *Come,this is no place to die.*

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  • Lazerbeam

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  • This guy..... knows how to draw....a perfect circle

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