What Every Supermarket Puts On Their Apples

4 jan 2021
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  • Yes, Apples produce their own natural wax, but producers add a layer of wax to them. "Producers therefore spray the fruit with a thin layer of wax to prevent such moisture loss as well as to make the apple look more appealing. The applied layer is very thin, only about 3 mg of wax coat an apple." www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/you-asked/why-do-they-spray-wax-apples-0

    Daily Dose Of InternetDaily Dose Of Internet3 månader sedan
    • I have try this and its worked

      Meleena1Meleena17 timmar sedan
    • To make this legal, government turns against the people.

      Nex Wex 3Nex Wex 37 timmar sedan
    • Hiii

      C OC ODag sedan
    • @Ibraheem Ahmed no

      ChįDøuChį ꕥシChįDøuChį ꕥシ2 dagar sedan
    • disgusting

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  • this is why i dont like the skin/crust of apples

    Annie LeAnnie Le48 minuter sedan
  • "Russia might look huge but it's only a little larger than continental USA"... Just twice bigger in area but must be a "LITTLE" for you. No problem

    TheCentauryTheCentaury4 timmar sedan
  • "A kangaroo jumps on this guy's car and broke his window"... WOW !!! NO WAY !!! I needed this quote cause I was too stupid to witness it in the video... Even the replay was needed to understand that a kangaroo jumped on this guy's car and broke his windshield. Thanks mate !!!

    TheCentauryTheCentaury4 timmar sedan
  • Any other video: 420p DDOI: *Well may as well be 4kp*

    Mohammad MusaMohammad Musa4 timmar sedan
  • The Cat Might an Irish Cat During the Potato Famine

    Baby ViciousBaby Vicious5 timmar sedan
  • not in germany!

    Flying AngelFlying Angel14 timmar sedan
  • It looks like the website shrinks the size of the countries

    Alf PAlf P15 timmar sedan
  • so... does it have an effect on our bodies or nah?

    رسل مأمون كامل مفتن م. الاولى برسل مأمون كامل مفتن م. الاولى ب19 timmar sedan
  • Just sayin' russia is almost twice as big as US, not "a little"

    Roberts DzanuškānsRoberts Dzanuškāns20 timmar sedan
  • It should be what the producer puts on their apples. Don't blame the grocery stores we just sell the stuff, I work at one and we just receive it and sell it. We get different brands and from different companies. Why is all the blame shoved on us?

    TwoJacksAndAnAceTwoJacksAndAnAce21 timme sedan
  • 0:32 another normal day in the land down under, trust me

    Lets Game OnLets Game On22 timmar sedan
  • They put wax on the apples that protects them from decaying

    pro gamerzpro gamerz22 timmar sedan
  • 0:34 to be continued

    Lets Game OnLets Game On22 timmar sedan
  • What an asshole that kangaroo was

    Mr.Execution DMr.Execution D22 timmar sedan
  • That world map is wrong btw

    stealer knobstealer knob23 timmar sedan
  • I think you love the sound of your voice so much that you absolutely must must must must explain everything to us :) Just to let you know again, all of your clips do not need an explanation. I dunno why but now I am getting annoyed after watching so many lol.

    namrata brockettnamrata brockettDag sedan
  • Can’t even trust an apple nowadays

    EarthツEarthツDag sedan
  • отдай картошку!

    YksilYksilDag sedan
  • The belly button thing is really disturbing like REALLY disturbing

    Imdark Inside49Imdark Inside49Dag sedan
  • 1:00 RUSSIAN CAT

    this is mine lolthis is mine lolDag sedan
  • I just quit my job at a grocery store and I can confirm that grocery stores don't wax their apples. They come like that from suppliers just like ur box of cereal comes in a box (most of the time)

    Matt MayerMatt MayerDag sedan
  • Is it me or on the map one do the countries shrink when put somewhere else? Like Greenland shrinks so much when he put it in the U.S.A

    Supergamer BSSupergamer BSDag sedan
  • *thinking about that inflatable snowman I saw lying down*

    Butter CrackerButter CrackerDag sedan
  • that kangaroo woke up and chose violence

    Adam OmarAdam OmarDag sedan
  • I love how you are not clickbaiting us

    ಠ_ಠಠ_ಠDag sedan
  • Animal: *Sees car, runs into rode and dies* Kangaroo: *Sees car and casually slams self into it* BITCH, GET OFF MY RODE! Time stamp: 0:33

    Milly BakugouMilly BakugouDag sedan
  • It's against the law to coat apples in wax where I live. The US is full of unhealthy practices. I suggest looking at New Zealand if you want truly natural food.

    Samuel ArnoldSamuel ArnoldDag sedan
  • 1:10 Oh russian cat you want kartoshka?

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  • bruh the wax is toxic my guy

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  • "This poor guys couldn't get inside his house bc it wes so icey **play cheerful music when the guy is in pain slipping**

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  • 2:36 When shiba gets bamboozled

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  • This dude: “ This is your DAILY dose of internet Me: *proceeds to watch like 12 more vids*

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  • Russia is more than twice as big than the continental US

    Sandra BouwmanSandra Bouwman2 dagar sedan
  • 1:16 Me when my moms trying to take my phone away XD

    RavenMKRavenMK2 dagar sedan
  • u said edible wax wax is edible in general

    RubenTheWizardRubenTheWizard2 dagar sedan
  • People who are worrying about the supermarket apples: Don’t worry you’ve been eating that this whole time 👹

    M1STER GM1STER G2 dagar sedan
  • Russia shrinks as he moves rhe mouse....... Be like MOTHER russia

    ariel beneariel bene2 dagar sedan
  • 3:22 this is what christmas gets for adding dears to the holiday for no reason.

    qwertyplatypus and platypusqwertyplatypus and platypus2 dagar sedan
  • That dog got loud FAST

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  • 1:16 russian confirmed

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  • That snowman owed that deer money

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  • personal replay button: 2:25

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  • This is like click bait but it’s actually in the video

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  • Holly shit I thought they do the shit on apples only in China

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  • 0:34

    Nikos ChristodouliasNikos Christodoulias3 dagar sedan
  • i your video but hi cat.

    Praise AdebayoPraise Adebayo3 dagar sedan
  • Why do you sound like cosolix

    Herick RojasHerick Rojas3 dagar sedan
  • That kangaroo said "I ain't no deer, I don't freeze"

    Shuayb KhanShuayb Khan3 dagar sedan
  • Please correct this title... supermarkets dont apply the wax, the farmers and distributors do. Thanks

    KrahesticksKrahesticks3 dagar sedan
  • 1:07 Sasha reincarnated in a cat

    Juan Carlos BodoqueJuan Carlos Bodoque3 dagar sedan
  • 3:18 R.I.P May you snow in peace

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  • quality over quantity

    Car CentralCar Central3 dagar sedan
  • 2:36 Dog becomes a sink garbage disposal

    Alexthefancollector WalkerAlexthefancollector Walker3 dagar sedan
  • the apple thing is only true in the US, I was very disturbed by the stickiness of apples there when i first visited and did not eat them before thoroughly washing them, can't be healthy

    tom53332tom533323 dagar sedan
  • Super strange voice. Super cool videos.

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  • Me when someone takes my chocolate ice cream 🤣😅 2:34

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  • i heard when the maps go more down they get smaller so..

    Antonio bruntAntonio brunt3 dagar sedan
  • 0:33 that’s Australia for ya

    OfficialKatsukiKrazyOfficialKatsukiKrazy3 dagar sedan
  • did this guy just assume that guy's(1:51) economic status?

    G MachadoG Machado3 dagar sedan
  • hello everyone this is YOUR apple wax

    Quaid MichaelQuaid Michael4 dagar sedan
  • No one Girls when they take a selfie: 0:45

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  • I’ve been eating wax my whole life....

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  • It looks more like the deer was playing than ”attacking” 😄

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  • who knew africa was a country

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  • this happen at school

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  • 2:39 Countries change their sizes beaucose of thease special map called merkator wich fakes real dimensions. Eart is sphere and map is flat.

    majło majnolorołobokmajło majnolorołobok4 dagar sedan
  • Moose: Man that was wicked cold! Also moose: Tomorrow it’s ice fishing!

    Marie ConstantiaMarie Constantia4 dagar sedan
  • its from the candle and it makes shiny

    chugisprochugispro4 dagar sedan
  • 0:51 *ewww*

    Gacha_LizGacha_Liz4 dagar sedan

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  • Who else got up on the belly button one and tried it

  • The apple wax is called shellac and is created from beetle poop

    Yami OmoYami Omo4 dagar sedan
  • The wax is what makes the apples good.

    ShouShou4 dagar sedan
  • Apple apple apple

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  • 0:46 my life has left the chat

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  • 1:00 Really reminded me of my cat who will eat literally ANYTHING. Unfortunately he passed away 5 days ago R.I.P PIpen, you will always be loved

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    • I'm not trying to get attention or anything, i just wanted to honer him :(

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  • Me after taking 20 doses of daily dose of internet: 0:33

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  • 0:31 oh shieat a car you know what fuck you

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  • Daily dose of internet: its only a little larger than the USA Me: yeah just a little just a few million square kilometers no big deal just a little not much a little

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  • The Dog went lawn mower mode

    Joe TranJoe Tran5 dagar sedan
  • russia: is almost 2 times bigger than the usa ddo: its only a LITTLE larger than the usa

    canguru marombacanguru maromba5 dagar sedan
  • The wax on those apples isn't just to make them look "shiny and fresh" although it is a desired effect. It's put there to prevent damage by cold, mold spread, and acts as a protective barrier so that one apple won't make the whole basket bad. Source: one of our customers is a manufacturer of coating products for fruits.

    MrPhoenix1138MrPhoenix11385 dagar sedan
  • Deer: Die Frosty Snowman: help plz!

    Jacqueline VillanuevaJacqueline Villanueva5 dagar sedan
  • 0:55 I just wanna grab a scissor and snip snip

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  • Snowman living his last breath attacked by merciless deer gets kicked brutality and daily dose of internet be like peacefully - I hope you enjoyed this video. This world future is dark my friends

    Rishab Singh - BRishab Singh - B5 dagar sedan
  • The first one is why I always wash fruits with a hard sponge after bringing them home

    lowie awalowie awa5 dagar sedan
  • I can tell what the Deer's favorite holiday is! :D *Badumtsss*

    Jenn NJenn N5 dagar sedan
  • 3:15 WWE 2k21 is looking good

    Eym MeEym Me5 dagar sedan
  • 2:36 Did the dog become a titan when it was about to scream?

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  • russian cat

    Mc Christian BernasMc Christian Bernas5 dagar sedan
  • Who need slip’n slides anymore

    Shaun PriceShaun Price5 dagar sedan
  • car: **casually driving on dirt road** kangaroo: hey let me destroy your windshield for no reason!

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  • The kangaroo be like: WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA MATE

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  • I know im kinda late but russia is 1.7 times larger than the us.

  • 2:46, did any one notice *C h a d?*

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  • roadman deer

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  • who is on the awa awa gang

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  • jack the kangaro after drugs 0:31

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