Birds Fly In Shape-Shifting Pattern

24 feb 2021
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  • The sun is a celebrity and all of the planets are paparazzi

    MDMDMånad sedan
    • Too bad NASA faked space, the solar system, planets, etc

      :Þ20 dagar sedan
    • 👍

      JohnronJohnron22 dagar sedan
    • Yesss sirr

      Voltaic SeigeVoltaic Seige28 dagar sedan
    • The sun is a deadly laser

      Y E E TY E E TMånad sedan
    • Yes the sun is a star lol

      Ryan MRyan MMånad sedan
  • Which video is the car crash from? I went to the linked channel and I couldn't find it.

    gofluxgoflux51 minut sedan
  • 2:25 literally how we are gonna find the new planets out there

    Beau ArmstrongBeau Armstrong23 timmar sedan
  • You always make my day better Double D!

    MegaTroll TrollingtonMegaTroll TrollingtonDag sedan
  • That cat playing is so cute

    CK The OkCK The OkDag sedan
  • "My sister's pregnant! I'm gonna be a dad!" What

    BaconBacon2 dagar sedan
  • The solar system travel is the amazing thing

    Lance VillasorLance Villasor3 dagar sedan
  • The parachute from the video at 1:50 has an encoded message!!

    There is not a fish in my boot!There is not a fish in my boot!4 dagar sedan
    • As I learned from some other videos, when it’s decoded, it reads “Dare mighty things”.

      Orion’s universe Part 2Orion’s universe Part 22 dagar sedan
  • That potato is possessed by lil nas x’s new song, it’s growing horns just like satan

    GZXGZX7 dagar sedan
  • Are you sure those are birds? Or are they akumas from hawkmoth..

    It's_yo _gurl_AliceIt's_yo _gurl_Alice7 dagar sedan
  • Hey, that man could very well be planning to steal his sister's child, don't judge him.

    Footloose GeniusFootloose Genius7 dagar sedan
  • Tq

    Puncak DuniaPuncak Dunia8 dagar sedan
  • When you notice that the sun is a shooting star 2:25

    monkey d luffymonkey d luffy8 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of the fish from finding nemo

    ths_ultra101ths_ultra1019 dagar sedan
  • Good

    Teresa LohTeresa Loh9 dagar sedan
  • Good

    John KundorJohn Kundor9 dagar sedan
  • Good

    Great IsraelGreat Israel9 dagar sedan
  • Good

    Bawang PutihBawang Putih9 dagar sedan
  • Why am I getting closed captions on more than one Daily Dose?

    misspat317misspat31710 dagar sedan
  • b i r d s

    JakeHasACornFlakeJakeHasACornFlake10 dagar sedan
  • I’m going to try and leave a comment on every video this is video 244

    Panda PandaPanda Panda11 dagar sedan
  • Where is the sun going

    Logan W HowertonLogan W Howerton11 dagar sedan
  • My sister is pregnant I’m gonna be a dad. Home sweet alabama

    PN4126 ZHNTAPN4126 ZHNTA11 dagar sedan
  • Our solar system is moving in space!! I thought the sun was stationary

    mailtubumailtubu13 dagar sedan
  • “Hey everybody! My sister’s pregnant!” Me: aww how sweet! “I’m gonna be a Dad!” Me: aww- WAIT HOL THE FUCK UP YO-

    Heather FaheyHeather Fahey13 dagar sedan
  • Wow, a rare sight of the "Birds Anamoly"

    SynderSynder14 dagar sedan
  • Wait what... Hey everybody, my sister is pregnant, I'm going to be a dad 🤐 He pregnant his own sis

    Rushell RainfordRushell Rainford14 dagar sedan
  • *am I the only one who didn’t realize that the sun moved XD*

    ItzMeCadItzMeCad14 dagar sedan
  • the end, youre like "That poor cat!" (ses cat run back to sheet to be catapulted again and again) oh... i see... cat amusement park rides

    AckzaTVAckzaTV14 dagar sedan
  • That cat on the sheet at the end is hilarious!!!!! So smart!

    Babs PhillipsBabs Phillips14 dagar sedan
  • 2:50 are those the devils horns growing out of a potato

    HoldPlayz YoutubeHoldPlayz Youtube14 dagar sedan
  • Hey, you! Stop scrolling for a second, I've something to tell you! You know... dark times can happen. Bad days can happen, it can happen to be misunderstood, to be judged badly, and to no longer trust anything.

    WigadamaWigadama14 dagar sedan
  • Those birds are called starlings i see them sometimes in england (where i live) and they can be in even bigger groups than in that video, its truly fascinating Sorry if they arent starlings but im pretty sure they are

    Your local bisexual trashYour local bisexual trash14 dagar sedan
  • my sisters pregnant ! yayayy ! im gonna be a dad ! YAYYY!!

    Dyslexia *Dyslexia *14 dagar sedan
  • Reminds me of the flock from GoW

    XxSpec OpsxXXxSpec OpsxX14 dagar sedan
  • 0:33 hold up

    Police Guy420Police Guy42015 dagar sedan
  • 0:31 Hey guys my sister is pregnant! *ya!* Im gonna be a dad! *ya!*

    ThemoneyproThemoneypro15 dagar sedan
  • Those birds remind me of birdbox

    Admin - Mobile GamingAdmin - Mobile Gaming15 dagar sedan
  • My sister is pregnant I'm going to be a dad! Ummm??

    comment bot : 15comment bot : 1515 dagar sedan
  • Omg the pregnancy one was hysterical!

    kristykristy16 dagar sedan
  • YOUR

  • r/holup 0:29

    KittolotlKittolotl17 dagar sedan
  • 0:23 yoooo dababy car? Let's gooooo

    fotisfotis17 dagar sedan
  • Sweet home Alabama

    Jonathan SebastianJonathan Sebastian17 dagar sedan
  • 1:10 death by moon walk

    GametoflyGametofly17 dagar sedan
  • Birds be like: and watch how we make you fall asleep with these dance moves!

    Otter QueenOtter Queen17 dagar sedan
  • Love Nile Red ♥️

    Hannah BradleyHannah Bradley17 dagar sedan
  • did that guy do *it* with his sister WTF

    Davis.Davis.18 dagar sedan
  • 1:55 looks fake as hell, 2:24 seems fake as hell

    samsar0125samsar012518 dagar sedan
  • Nile red ??

    YamQ 89YamQ 8918 dagar sedan
  • Wait mars have a air no air no wind my life is a lie

    Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha19 dagar sedan
  • "My sisters going to be pregnant!" "I'm going to be a dad!" *Sweet Home Alabama music intensifies*

    AlipalAlipal19 dagar sedan
  • Wear a helmet when skating, please. You can really hurt yourself

    garad123456garad12345619 dagar sedan
  • But what if the sun kept going and just left us behind like

    Jake Is DOGEJake Is DOGE20 dagar sedan
  • If you were confused about the sun one, you obviously didn't get properly educated in school.

    Anna Nenixx OGAnna Nenixx OG20 dagar sedan
  • Boy- the man was like my sister’s pregnant I am like congratulations Then he says I ha gonna be a dad Me: Oop-

    Eren AckermanEren Ackerman20 dagar sedan
  • "My Sister is pregnant! " Yeah! "I'm going to be a dad!" YE- wait what *"Sweet home Alabama starts playing"*

    Zpahj NivZpahj Niv20 dagar sedan
  • I am a loyal viewer of your channel

    Pranto NandiPranto Nandi20 dagar sedan
  • Called a "murmuration"

    Silent DogFartSilent DogFart20 dagar sedan
  • the thing with the sun isn't real...whats the point of it

    Robert 1337Robert 133721 dag sedan
  • 1:40

    King ReptileKing Reptile22 dagar sedan
  • Wait our sun is always moving? *i didn't know that for years bruh*

    junior plz kill mejunior plz kill me22 dagar sedan
  • 0:28 "Yeah congratitulations man- wait a second, WAIT WHA-"

    junior plz kill mejunior plz kill me22 dagar sedan
  • That solar system one is crazy to think about

    Sean GilchrestSean Gilchrest22 dagar sedan
  • And there is something coded into the parachute from the space video landing

    Ananomous CameronAnanomous Cameron22 dagar sedan
  • I liked the part when the Birds Flew In Shape-Shifting Pattern

    FLUFFYxFLUFFYx22 dagar sedan
  • You can't possibly believe that is the sun pulling along all your planets. Explain to me. How do your roll a ball at the same time you stretch something out. It doesn't say in the bible that the LORD rolled the earth into a ball. It says He stretched out the heaven and earth abroad. You will burn if you believe this garbage.

    Ken CarpenterKen Carpenter22 dagar sedan
  • 2:15 just like in my dreams

    Talita DillyTalita Dilly22 dagar sedan
  • Those birds look like bees shown in an animated movie

    Amy KimAmy Kim22 dagar sedan

    LuckyKittyPlayzLuckyKittyPlayz23 dagar sedan
    • That was crazy

      Tabi HDGTabi HDG21 dag sedan
  • "I'm gonna be a dad!" Welp, can't blame you siblings are supposed to love each other *wait but not like that-*

    Alexandria YangAlexandria Yang23 dagar sedan
  • 1:11 ouch


    Dr Amiya Kumar MaityDr Amiya Kumar Maity23 dagar sedan
  • ..$

    AK MikeAK Mike23 dagar sedan
  • Feels like those birds were trying to communicate with humans thru interpretive dance combined with pictionary

    Lady DLady D23 dagar sedan
  • 2:16

    hindu deshamhindu desham23 dagar sedan
  • "Later!" *blanket throws cat in air*

    Mary NMary N24 dagar sedan
  • "My sister's pregnant!" Aw, good on ya, mate! "I'm gonna be a dad!" Yea- dafuq?

    Rikiel AnasuiRikiel Anasui24 dagar sedan
  • How do the birds fly like that and why?

    Rose The HatRose The Hat24 dagar sedan
  • What is the point of them doing that

    Gabe CollinsGabe Collins24 dagar sedan
  • "Hey everybody!" "My sister's pregnant!" "I'm gonna be a dad!!" wait a damn minute

    hannah dhannah d25 dagar sedan
  • “My Sister’s Pregnant!” “I’m gonna be a dad!” S W E E T H O M E A L A B A M A !

    Anonymous PersonAnonymous Person25 dagar sedan
  • 0:29 HMMMMMMMMMMM...........

    luigi2000luigi200025 dagar sedan
  • 2:41 wtf are thinking people that do it

    Dominika LunaDominika Luna25 dagar sedan
  • Sell diamond water for 10k a bottle. People will buy it.

    Agent K.Agent K.25 dagar sedan
  • GOLD

    Agent K.Agent K.25 dagar sedan
  • I thought the birds were drones until I read the title

    Yeet MasterYeet Master26 dagar sedan

    Meriene Squad [OFFICAL]Meriene Squad [OFFICAL]26 dagar sedan
  • 0:29 things you have to rewatch

    Musa-Muhammad HylesMusa-Muhammad Hyles26 dagar sedan
  • Today 10 doses of internet, i think I've got an overdose

    Frans van der WijkFrans van der Wijk26 dagar sedan
  • 1.50 but surely the Apollo landings were filmed first? I know it's a moon but still.

    faustus tfaustus t26 dagar sedan
  • 1:11 *women moment*

    Albert lolAlbert lol26 dagar sedan
  • Take a moment to appreciate this dude never click bates

    Leah GraceLeah Grace26 dagar sedan
  • I don’t want to be that guy, but why does the NASA footage look fake ?

    Dusk LegendDusk Legend26 dagar sedan
  • Itachi comes out from those birds

    Aronsen ArdelAronsen Ardel27 dagar sedan
  • This is called a murmuration of birds. I think it should be called skirling as in bagpipes.

    Jazz To CountryJazz To Country27 dagar sedan
  • Please tell me someone recognizes those burds from the Croods or Crudes I don't remember

    Potato ChipsPotato Chips27 dagar sedan
  • NASA: "we landed lil bot on Mars" Me: *trying to figure out why I care*

    Dennis CarewDennis Carew27 dagar sedan
  • We're on a planet. A planet that's being dragged along by the sun. Wow. My problems are small!

    OneThrough8OneThrough827 dagar sedan
  • *Don't worry the birds are just summoning Satan*

    Patricia UchPatricia Uch28 dagar sedan